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Flower Arrangement



お教室を始め、色々な方との出会いを楽しみながら作品作りをしております。現在は、ブライダルブーケフレーム 記念のお花を立体保存加工を中心に押し花、レカンフラワー講師をさせて頂きながら、作品作り、結婚式のブーケ、お友達へのプレゼントや、記念日に、世界に一つだけの真心を込めた作品を作らせていただいております。









​About me



主宰 井上 真由美​

住所 東京都町田市上小山田町


活動内容 教室運営・ネット販売


不思議な花倶楽部 インストラクター
アミュレットフルール レカンフラワー講師
ネイチャープリント インストラクター
クレイクチュール  本部講師
まごころハガキ インストラクター
フレンチメゾンデコール インストラクター
ドリームフラワー インストラクター
エバーアレンジメント 講師



1996: Enters Flower Business Course of technical college.

Acquires a wide-ranging knowledge of the world of flowers.

1998: Commences work at a florist, specializing in arrangements for special occasions including wedding bouquets.

2005: Opens own studio ‘Atelier Tsubaki’- holding classes at her home and at culture centres in addition to making bouquets and arrangements for weddings

2007: Begins work as a L’écrin Flower instructor at L’écrin Flower Headquarters

2009: In charge of customer relations and costume alterations of wedding dresses at bridal costume company

2011: Begins work at L’écrin Flower Headquarters Studio as Bridal Bouquet Frame creator

2012: L’écrin Flower Bridal Bouquet Contest:Second Prize, Elegant Section

     Tokyo Pressed Flower Contest: Second Prize, Free Section

2015: L’écrin Flower Contest: Judges’ Commendation Prize, Free Section

 Displayed bridal bouquets and hair accessories at the Hong Kong Wedding Show as Youmei Glamour Shot Photography in KOBE bouquets designer

      Gained Clay Couture Instructor’s Licence

2016: Nature Print Contest: Judges Commendation Prize, Fabric Section

      Submits entries to Facebook Art Challenge featuring L’écrin Flowers, bouquets and more

      Gained French Deco Instructor’s Licence

2017 L’écrin Flower Contest: Judges’ Commendation Prize, Free Section

     Became Ever Arrangement Headquarters Instructor

     Completed Dream Flower Basic Course & Fleur Delicat Basic Course

 Atelier Tsubaki Owner, Flower Designer & Instructor

Family: Husband, three cats

Hobbies: Cooking, Gardening, Sewing

Ms. Inoue is known for her ability to create floral designs encompassing a broad range of media, from L’écrin Flower work to pressed flowers, artificial flowers, preserved flowers, and fresh flowers alike. She is especially known for her tasteful bridal bouquets ranging from elegant cascading bouquets to charming spherical ones.

Her bridal head pieces and other accessories are also popular. She is known for her use of soft and gentle colors, and is acclaimed by women of all ages for her elegant work.

A great deal of her time is devoted to the creation of bouquets in her studio and she also instructs in her own home and at culture schools, while actively entering exhibitions far and wide.      She is a warm woman, always smiling, who puts everything into her work but also enjoys being at home.

※Clay Couture: a craft where accessories and sweets are created from colored clay. The finished products are known as Clay Couture.

※French Deco: a craft of France, Cartonage and Tasselwork.

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